New facilities at Van Aarsen in Panheel, The Netherlands. – Alpha Trade

New facilities at Van Aarsen in Panheel, The Netherlands.

A brighter future in feed is built together. At Van Aarsen we did this literally by rebuilding our facilities. This upgrade enhances our work processes and helps us to meet our clients’ demands even better.

The new office is designed as an open space office, facilitating open communication and closer links between departments. A lot of attention has been given to create an optimal working climate. Lighting, acoustics, air conditioning, all have been taken into account.

Meeting facilities, coffee corners, acoustic office sofa’s and the new canteen complete the rebuilt, making it a joy to work at Van Aarsen.

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The key of an efficient pelleting process is to determine the optimal compromise between energy consumption and pellet quality, while producing the desired capacity.

Our Partners

Throughout the years, we’ve built a network of partners we are proud of. Today, as sole agents of industry leaders in the poultry production business, we respect and understand the value of our partnerships.

• Kaesler Animal Nutrition

Kaesler Animal Nutrition is one of the leading providers of products and solutions for animal health and nutrition. Ranging from vaccines for poultry, to feed concentrates, additives, and veterinary products, KAN have established a good reputation in the local market due to their superior quality nutrients and vitamins. Alpha Trade has been KAN’s regional agent for nearly 40 years, supplying the feed market with premixes, vitamins and additives of the highest grade.

• Van Aarsen

Established in 1949, Van Aarsen is recognized as one of the leading and most respected manufacturers and developers of machinery in feed production. Using the latest technology and top quality machines, Van Aarsen provides fully-fledged and customized feed mill solutions. The company has remained in its leading position industry-wide over the past 60 years. More than just machinery, today Van Aarsen is known for delivering turnkey projects, building feed mills from the conceptualizing stages to their full operation. Over the past 35 years, as their partner, Alpha Trade has delivered over 20 projects and solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

• Pas Reform

Specializing in the development of innovative hatchery technologies since 1919, Pas Reform in one of the leading international companies in the poultry sector. Undoubtedly one of the world’s top hatchery equipment manufacturers, Pas Reform has accomplished some of the highest rate of hatching with the least cost of overhead in production yielding higher profits for manufacturers. The company is driven by research and innovation, delivering top-quality and state of the art machinery. Alpha Trade has deployed over 160 hatchery projects region-wide, with the capacity to produce a total of 0.5 billion chicks annually.

Our Partner
Our Partner
Our Partner

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